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In order to pass the time when I drive home from work, I often make up LJ entries in my head. Most of the time they never make it here. Here are some of the things I've thought of recently.

Over the weekend we saw Murderball and The 40 Year Old Virgin. It was my second time seeing Murderball. I saw it five months ago for the first time. I did not cry as much this time but I still found it a very uplifting movie. This time I noticed the music more. I will have to see if it's available. My husband thinks we already have all the songs but the last one.

The 40 Year Old Virgin is definitely an R-rated movie. I probably laughed more during The Wedding Crashers but this was sweeter in a weird way. While watching it I was conscious that it was rated R. A majority, or so it seems, of the comedies these days are PG-13 so some of the jokes jumped out at me for that reason. I'm not used to watching movies with a more adult sense of humor. That could be why I liked both movies.

We spent a few hours on Sunday with my in-laws. ~CMS~ and his parents had returned from a trip to New Mexico. My nephew is too too cute! When you put him on his back he's like a little wind-up toy. His legs pump like he's riding a bike and his arms fly every which way. He's almost 2 months old now.

Last night we saw a Korean movie called Oldboy. My husband wanted me to see it. He had seen it a while ago. During the movie he kept thinking, "This is more violent than I remembered. Why did I want to subject her to this?" He knows I really get into plots. :) The violence wasn't bad - I didn't get squeamish at anything. I kept thinking, "How much more messed up can this man's life get?"

Before seeing the movie we watched the last of Firefly. I've enjoyed the writing, the acting, and just about everything about it. I haven't gotten the same feeling that I got while watching Buffy or Angel. I always felt like I was visiting with friends.

While writing this entry, I had an episode of MST3K on in the background. When it finished I put in Weezer's blue album. Well, CD. I grew up with record albums so I call CDs that unless I'm saying something like, "Can you get that CD for me?"

The first album I bought with my own money was Shaun Cassidy's Under Wraps.

Since we spent time with our nephew on Sunday, the subject of kids came up for discussion. I used to feel that I could not be complete if I didn't raise children. After 11 years of marriage it doesn't feel as important as it used to. Sure, there are times when I get sad but it usually passes after a day or two. I'm sure we'd be great parents and raise well-mannered children. I'm a bit exacting. I want to raise children in a house. We're such packrats that just about any size apartment would be too small and dangerous. For instance, I could just imagine the horror and guilt I would feel because the baby knocked over my pile of books to read while crawling and got hurt. So I want a house first. It's easier to cordon off entire rooms. Plus I'm still trying to take off some weight so I would be healthy during a pregnancy.

A show that I've been enjoying of late is Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. I've always found her funny. She and her husband, Matt, seem like real people. There are only 6 or 8 episodes planned. She works so hard. The episode where she tries to push her DVD and does store signings makes me think of all the book signing horror stories I've read. She did this radio thing one day where the DJs had their booths and the people pushing stuff just went from table to table doing interviews. That has to be hard. No matter how many radio stations you speak with, I'm sure you want to be funny or interesting for all of them and you have to hear the same questions repeatedly.
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