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Not much to report

Staying the night at my parents house wasn't so bad. I know it would drive my husband crazy to live out in the country. The dog is adaptable to anywhere, I think, as long as we're there and still providing him with food and belly rubs.

My mother and I only stayed at the baby shower for an hour but it was nice. My step-niece looks big and pregnant. She's due in two months. She really liked the gifts we got her.

I logged onto EverQuest tonight. I thought there was a raid planned but either I was too late or it was canceled. After 30 minutes of trying to find a group I decided to spend my evening doing something else. The raiding alliance web site has been down for a few days as the four month hard drive on the server died. Fortunately, our admin does daily backups! When the new server is online it will be as up to date as it can get.

While I was gone, my husband took some things to Half Price Books and listed some items on ebay. Neither of us have sold anything on there before. We've only bought items. This is a poor week for us so it's good that he got some extra money so our rent check won't bounce. I'll have to move the dog's dental cleaning appointment again.

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