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Right before I left for work this morning I went into the basement. It did it again. More flooding from the rain. The good news is that we got everything off the floor we wanted to keep when we were cleaning out the basement a few months back. So nothing I wanted to keep got damaged. It isn't much rain, but it is standing water which isn't good.

I was supposed to move my desk at work tomorrow. Instead I moved today! I got sweaty and my left foot hurts. I think I need to get a new pair of loafers or get some extra padding for the pair I have now.

When I got home I had a surprise waiting for me in my inbox. Cardinal wants to interview me in the next two weeks. Fortunately, I have two days off while hubby is out of town. I was going to just hang out, relax and get some things done. I suppose if I got a new job that would certainly be getting something done, wouldn't it?

Tonight we saw Yesterday Once More. It was quite good. It is about a married pair of thieves who divorce but still love one another. When the woman becomes engaged to marry, they both go after the same heist and try to figure out what if their future is with each other.
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