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Another Saturday Afternoon

Today we saw Grizzly Man. It answered a lot of questions about Timothy Treadwell, but I'm left with a lot about Amie Huguenard, the woman who accompanied him on his last trip. How long did they date? What job did she have to get to? What was the final straw in their relationship? How did they meet? I googled her name and found out a few answers. They were together for three years and she had accompanied him on two of his expeditions. During the last one, she stayed for six weeks, returned to California, and then came back. She was a physician's assistant. She was captured on camera three times during those two years but there is only one good shot which is shown in the film. She has a sister that was willing to speak to Herzog but the family sat down and decided not to take part in the film. The footage of their deaths is only audio as the lens cap was still on the camera. At one point, Timothy tells her to hit the bear with a frying pan and then later tells her to run away. He knows he won't survive. She was getting ready to break off their relationship; she could have possibly saved herself but she helps him. It's sad she met her death that way.

My husband's auctions on eBay are going well. One of the DVDs he put up is at $450 right now.

I went to Babies R Us and picked out some gifts for ~CMS~. There is a baby shower for him next week.

Ink Slingers is having their 2005 Back to Writing School contest. I started writing my entry today. I'm writing it and thinking to myself, "Oh, I'm going to edit this out later." I have successfully resisted the urge to start over again or edit it while I'm writing.
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