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I've decided to try and get to work early so there won't be much of an update from me this morning.

I have a new person starting today and I thought I'd get a little bit of time to go through her cubicle and clear out unnecessary stuff.

Over the weekend I finished reading In the Stacks edited by Michael Cart. It's a very well put together book of short stories that feature libraries or librarians in them. There was only one story I didn't like - it was too science fictiony above my head. I couldn't grasp an alphabet of 25 letters that included the period, the comma and the space bar.

I also read Fray which was interesting. I hope Joss Whedon puts out a second comic about her.

The weekend was relaxing - I did laundry yesterday in preparation for my husband's trip but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. It was only one load plus some stuff for me for the week.
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