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Where does it all go?

While I was heading home, I did some LJ entries in my head. Now that I've been home for a few hours they've kind of disappeared. Dinner needed to be made and my husband needs to get stuff done on the computer and pack for his trip.

Earlier today I had pain in my left abdomen. Fortunately it kept moving down which told me that my food was moving. I think I've only felt this type of pain one or two other times. My gastroenterologist got my lower bowel ct results the next day and called me at work to talk about it. We had a good conversation and I really like him a lot. At some point I will need surgery but not until my strictures become a problem for me. If I had this pain every day or each time after I ate, that would definitely be a problem!

My interview is all set for Thursday. My first interview is with three people and the second one is with two. I started to work on my interview outfit last night so I would not be rushing around tomorrow evening or Thursday morning.
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