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Friday, August 27th

Now, last Friday, remember that employee that was so upset about her review? About 4:30pm today she received a phone call from her child's school. At 4:45pm I notice she's on a really long phone call, so I pop in to see if it's a personal one. As soon as I realize it is a personal call, I drop out. So one of my customers calls me to troubleshoot their Virtual PC and get us back on their network. Without it we can't do their network password resets. It's 5:15pm now and I'm still on the phone with the customer. She comes up to me with boxes in hand (she's moving into a new house next weekend) and tears running down her face.

He's just started the 8th grade in a just built school. He's had some problems at other schools and now she thinks they are going to kick him out. She has a lunch appointment with the school on Tuesday to talk about the progress he's made in the first four days of school, but now it looks like it will be longer, so she doesn't know when she'll get back from the appointment. She wanted me to be sure I knew.

What the heck am I supposed to say to that? I'm hugging her, she's crying on my shoulder, and I have the customer talking in one of my ears. What a sight that must have been!

She goes home and I finish doing the troubleshooting. It doesn't work. I go home. I call her and talk to her for an hour and a half. They need to review his IEP (Individualized Education Program), but he'll probably be sent to another school who has a "resource room" for him instead of continuing the efforts to mainstream him. He's not a bad kid, and he always asks his mom how I am. He's just got some anger issues which he takes out on himself, not on others. Even though I haven't seen him in about five years, he seems to have really done some growing up during that time.

Now, how can this woman say she's not appreciated? I mean, I try to be the most understanding boss that I can be. When she's got diabetes complications I'm the first one to listen to her problems, excuse her from work, etc. When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and I told my boss, he expressed sympathy that one time. He never asked about her treatment or how she was doing after that. So being at home on a Friday night, and checking on my employee who thinks I don't appreciate her is obviously not something I learned from my boss.

If I'm ever blessed with children, I'm going to be so smart! I hear so much from the women at work about their children (mostly bad but sometimes good).

After our talk I take a nap. I've got a date with my honey and we're going to see Scarface. Yes, I've never seen it. Or at least nothing beyond the ending, I don't think. It's showing at 11pm.

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