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More Wednesday Blahs

I got my haircut after work today. It looks cute but could get a little old fashioned if I'm not careful. I like it though. My hair is really straight now!

One of my husband's internet friends/acquaintances in New Orleans described the city as a war zone - the violence was really bad. He described it as 28 Days Later times 100. He and his wife made it safely to Pensacola, Florida. Their home is destroyed. They thought their dogs were gone too but have since found out that they are on the way to an animal shelter in Baton Rouge. They are now unemployed and have $2k to their name. As soon as they can they will drive back to Baton Rouge to get their dogs. Some of the roads are closed and the availability of gas is low. They were originall thinking of moving to Lafayette, LA or Austin, TX but have had some other ideas thrown at them. I wish his blog had dates to the entries. I just couldn't imagine having to start from scratch.

My husband made it to his destination safely. I was happy to hear his voice on the phone this afternoon. I think tonight I will just watch one of the DVDs from Greencine. I'll probably feel like playing EverQuest tomorrow after my interviews. Tonight I just want to relax and try to prepare myself for tomorrow afternoon. The house always feels a little empty when he's not here but I'm feeling very lonely at the moment and I'm not exactly sure why.

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