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Final Wednesday Blahs

I watched Barbershop 2: Back in Business which was a bit of a disappointment. It started off funny but then it tried to be so many things that it was just kind of a mess.

I had chicken nuggets and fries for dinner. I ate too much and got a pain in my abdomen again. It was there a little bit after lunch and made me walk a little funny. I took the DVD and a birthday card to the post office. The dog and I walked there; I figured exercise would do the pain some good. My sister-in-law called and said my brother and the kids would be at my parents on Sunday for a cookout and if I wanted to bring anything to let her know. On Saturday is the baby shower for my other sister-in-law (the mother of ~CMS~) and my mother will be there. Then there is a family reunion for my husband's family immediately after the baby shower. Yes, he won't be there, but I will! I think after that I am going to have had enough of family for the weekend.

Yesterday I started to read The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields. I am on chapter three and about a third of the way through it. Her narrator is quite good. I suspect from the chapter titles that she's dead.

The dog has been barky and a little whiny because my husband isn't here. He was hanging over the top of the steps so he could see downstairs. I went into the bedroom to find a magazine and when I came out he was in the bathroom. His back was to me and now he's lying next to the bathroom door letting out a "woof" now and then. He's one strange dog at times.