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The interviews

The interviews went well. My first hour was with three people. The boss, a developer, and an hr person. It seemed to go well. The boss kept nodding and smiling at my answers. We took about 45 minutes. The second interview was with a co-worker and another manager. That went really well too. The manager would refer back to my answers with positive comments like, "I think you hit the nail on the head there." Today I'll write up the thank you cards and send them out tomorrow morning.

About thirty minutes after I went to bed last night my husband called. We talked for about a half hour. It took me a few minutes to wake up and kinda get my head into the conversation. He got to see one of the movies he's been dying to see for years before having to do work stuff. Then he went to the programmer's meeting and the after party. The festival is offically on, I guess, since Yahoo picked up their first news story about it "Toronto Film Fest: Believe the Hype. I haven't gone with him since 9/11 so each year I follow what is going on in the news and then I get to hear from him periodically about what is going on.

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