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Thursday Night

Tonight I watched The Big Bounce. You almost wouldn't know it was based on a book by Elmore Leonard. Only the ending would give it away.

I didn't watch Big Brother tonight so my husband and I can watch it when he gets back.

I did watch two shows that he taped for me. While on vacation we ate a restaurants run by PBS Chefs. One show he taped was Lidia's Family Table. She showed how to make pasta and two sauces. The recipes are in her cookbook which I checked out of the library recently. It looked so easy! I made homemade noodles in high school for a home economics class but it seemed to take so long. Maybe because we had to dry the noodles and with the pasta you don't have to. She also gave advice on how to store and freeze the pasta for a few weeks. The butter and cheese sauce is one that I will definitely try.

The other show was Mexico One Plate at a Time from season three. It's about chili. It had a bit of a strange format. For one, the first 15 minutes is him talking about the origin of chili, varieties of chili peppers, him eating in restaurants, and showing how to grow chilis at home. Then he and his daughter did a chili cookoff which was good to see. They're side by side in the kitchen and are doing their recipes at the same time. Her chili used ground beef and his used lamb. Because they were side by side, you could see the differences between the two sets of ingredients right away. When the chili was done, they put together the toppings and had friends over. Of course, no one rated the chili. :)

My husband phoned me again tonight. This time I was awake! I will read more of my book and then go to bed. I have to wake up early to take the dog to his vet appointment. He's going to get his teeth cleaned.
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