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Yesterday's Happenings

The ladies next door that my husband likes so much (/sarcasm off) seem to have gotten themselves a dog. Or have one visiting. From the barks, I'd say it's a tall dog. Last night when I went to bed it kept barking and barking. So naturally, my dog would bark in return. I'd hear "Shhhh!" from next door. I thought to myself, "That dog doesn't know what that means." If this keeps up, I know it will infuriate my husband. He's already mad at them because they smoke on their front porch in the late evening. Besides the cigarette butts (in their yard area) that have suddenly sprouted up, they'll be talking loudly at 2am on a weeknight on their porch. I'm just thankful that we have our own porch and that they are connected to someone else. Out of the ten apartments, ours and one other one have our own porches.

The big news is town should be how the citizens raised nearly half a million dollars for the Red Cross. On Thursday the media outlets and the mayor were taking cash and check only donations downtown from 5am to 6pm. This was news for one day. Since then, I've been hearing about another stupid football game this weekend. It's between OSU (4th ranked) and Texas (2nd ranked). At noon yesterday people had already gone down to the stadium and put up tents so they'd have the best tailgate spots. OSU fanatics are morons. The tickets to today's game were up to $300 on ebay yesterday. I wrote an essay about Buckeyes but I didn't get it typed up so I'm not sure which notebook it's in.

I do all my writing in longhand yellow notepads. When I get to a good stopping point or need to look at it differently, I type it in Word.

Yesterday I felt just awful. As the day progressed I felt worse and worse. When I spoke to my mother to wish her a happy birthday, I let her know I wouldn't be at her cookout on Sunday because I didn't feel good. (Though that certainly wasn't the only reason.) I was wondering if I might need to call one of my doctors but now I know I'm just going through what I am supposed to go through each month. Lots of women with Crohn's stop having their periods. I hadn't had one the last few months other than a day of spotting.

I watched K-19: The Widowmaker after I picked up the dog from the vet's. Harrison Ford's accent was pretty good. Peter Sarsgaard started off with one but lost it by the middle of the movie. I bet when he made this movie he had no idea that later in his career he'd have a love scene with Liam Neeson. The movie seemed long but it had to pack a lot of information in there. There was just one thing after another that went wrong. For instance, they look for radiation suits and find out the administration offices sent them chemical suits because there were none available. Hello?!?!?!? On a nuclear submarine I think a radiation suit would be required! I was reminded of the current Bush administration. It just seems like something that would happen these days.
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