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Saturday, August 28th

I know I did something with my husband during the morning and the afternoon, but I can't recall what it might have been. In the evening, I logged into EQ and did a Halls of Honor trial (the big dragon one!) and stayed to help with another one. After that, we killed the even bigger dragon in Plane of Valor. It was frustrating that the corpse retrieval and gathering process took so long.

I was made the lead Shaman but none of the experienced raid leaders could tell me what was slowable in the Halls of Honor. I was sent out to pull Aerin'Darr but it didn't work right. Even with my Extended Range IV item, I had to get real close to try and pull him/her. It was Savidlin's arrows that got it's attention - not my slowing spell. Afterwards, I updated a storyline file I had regarding what could be slowed by different shaman spells. It took a few hours. I went to bed at 4:00am. I know, I know... I'm crazy. The dog was so cute. Beginning about 2am he kept coming into the hallway and the computer room to check on me. I posted the zipped storyline file to my alliance web site in hopes that not only would other Shaman find it valuable information, the other raid leaders would download it so they could answer questions from Shamans that don't have it!

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