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First day back

Only one person at work noticed that I got my hair cut.

I visited with my family doctor today. He hadn't seen me since the beginning of August and wanted to know if I was feeling any better, and what the gastroenterologist and I had discussed recently. He'd gotten three different letters from him but hadn't heard about the most recent ct-scan which showed the high grade stricture. He said that the gastro was right by deciding to wait on the prednisone (aka steriods). He also said that if I get another low grade fever like I did over the weekend that it's not usually something to worry about. If the low grade fever stays for a few days then I need to call him or the gastro because that indicates there is something wrong.

The VPN connection on my laptop works really well. It's not fast but I can access all the drives and databases that I need. My old laptop had so little processing speed and memory that I couldn't do that before. I did work for about half an hour after I got home. I'll need to work on some reviews tonight to make up the rest of the time I missed at work this afternoon.

Tonight I'm going to have dinner at my in-laws. I am fortunate that I like them. While they had some words of warning for my husband while we were dating (such as we needed to think about what religion we'd raise our children) they've accepted me as their daughter 100%. One of his aunts and I talked on the phone for a bit yesterday because she wanted to know more about the Crohn's. She hosts Thanksgiving each year and wanted to make sure that she would have enough for me to eat. She and the other aunt didn't know before Saturday so at the baby shower there wasn't much for me to have. That's why I took the precaution of having a sandwich beforehand. She wondered how this would impact our plans for children and I told her I didn't know because we hadn't really talked about it yet. My husband did say before the diagnosis that he'd do whatever I wanted. I've been given carte blanche with the decision; no children, biological children, adopted children and I'm sure there are options I haven't even thought of yet. She said it was obvious that he adores me. She and her husband haven't been able to have children though they would both like very much to have them. She's been unable to have them and when she went for the fertility treatments she was given depo-provera by mistake. That kind of shot things down and then I don't know if they tried for a while longer or if they just gave up. It makes her sad and it's a concern of hers for her nephews.
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