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Last night and today

Last night I spent about 4 hours with my in-laws. It was a chance for me and my sister-in-law to get caught up. Even though she is really close to her sister there are some things she and I talk about that no one else would really "get". I mean, we both feel very loved and accepted but some things one of us might think is weird we could do a gut check with the other one. I can't think of an example otherwise I'd give one. My father-in-law and brother-in-law were at the YMCA working out when I got there. They realized that they locked the keys in the car so my mother-in-law left to get them. My sister-in-law was left in charge of dinner while I got to spend some quality time with ~CMS~ and got to hear Grandma go on and on about how many clothes ~CMS~ got at his baby shower, and what was his mother going to do with all those clothes? She always repeated herself but she's been diagnosed with dementia in the last one or two years so now she really repeats her stories and can't remember what she ate last or whether or not she took her pills. Grandpa went with my mother-in-law to the YMCA. He's one agile fellow! He can still run if he had to.

The potato cakes I had with my lunch yesterday didn't agree with me. My tummy was gurgling and gurgling all afternoon and into the evening. This morning I felt really sick to my stomach and I really wanted to call into work. I knew if I did call in that I'd be behind on my monthly reports so it would be best to go in. I had to give a presentation at 10:00am so I left at 9:20am to put gas in the car and make it to work on time. I called at 7:45am to let work know but of course no one checked the employee info line to see if anyone had called in or left any messages. I guess the nice thing about having these doctor's appointments is that everyone just expects me to have a crazy work schedule.

My husband called me at work about 9:30am and left a message. I called him back but he had already left the hotel room. When I got home tonight he'd also left a message at home. When I heard the message I felt so badly for him; he sounded like his heart was breaking. He's not been able to get to the internet cafe for a few days so he's not known if I've been any better or not. Sometimes I think I should just go with him to Toronto because then he won't be worried about me and can just focus on watching movies and having fun. Other times I think that it would be another headache for him. Since he goes to press screenings now, he'd have to put together a movie schedule for me too. Now, the plus side to that is he and I don't always see the same films when we go to festivals so I get to be an extra set of eyes for him. When we do see things together, we have different viewpoints too. He's listening to the music, noting the cinematography and critquing the performances. I'm mainly watching the plot and how the story flows. We can watch the same movie and get different things out of it because of it. For instance, one question that came up while we discussed Before Sunrise was whether or not Jesse and Celine slept together during their one and only evening in Vienna. I told him why I thought they did based on some visual clues. He thought they had not. I won't tell you who was correct, but the answer is given in Before Sunset.

I got done what I needed to regarding the monthly reports for customers. Tomorrow I have another training class to give at 8:30am and then I need to write the trend analysis/cover letters for the monthly reports. Because I've been busy at work yesterday and today, I've gotten off my pill schedule. I need to get back on it so I feel better!

I brought my lunch to work today but got talked into going to Fuddrucker's with the other managers. They have good chicken tenders! I had the mac and cheese as a side to help my tummy. I'm not a big fan of mac and cheese.
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