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It's Friday!

We're all caught up on Big Brother 6 and have been watching other shows we taped. I really enjoy reading the commentary on the CBS site from the former Houseguests. I especially like the ones from Jack, formerly with the FBI. What is funny about Ivette, April and Maggie is that they keep forgeting that they are being taped 7x24. One of them even asked at one point, "Do you think they are taping this?" In the diary room, it was pointed out to April that she better choose her words carefully since whatever she had to say about Janelle winning the most recent America's Choice award would be taped. Those three women are so jealous of Janelle. When April went on and on about how Janelle is a cocktail waitress who talks about sex and drugs with her customers I got so angry. I know that one day April will get hers... she'll be at a Las Vegas casino where the cocktail waitresses will recognize her and they'll spit in her complimentary drinks. America will remember that she called us pieces of shit.

Last night I didn't feel very good but I watched our taped Survivor anyway and went to bed after that. I have never seen a team take such a physical toll from dehydration before this team. I really wondered if the team was going to ask for the medical crew to come in, especially when Bobby Jon's eyes kept rolling back in his head. At least the team knew what was going wrong with them and they had a trauma nurse as one of their members.

Stayed home from work today as I had a fever and felt like someone had hit me all over my body with a baseball bat. While I was sleeping, the dog kept waking me up every half hour with his whining. The first time I took him outside and then after that I kept telling him he just had bad gas. As he's gotten older his gas is more audible than it is smelly. I wonder if we were to get another dog who would be a good match for him. Most of his friends have been female dogs so would a female be good for him? My husband and I prefer male dogs though. Would a male dog try to fight him for a higher rank in our family? He's very subdued so it wouldn't be hard for another male to be alpha over him. We can only have one dog where we live now so it's a bit of a moot question. I look at the dogs available through Corgi Aid and I just want to take so many of them home with me. There were some cute ones in August and Madison from September looks adorable! I'm sure she will find a home in no time.
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