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The get together

More than a decade ago, my mother and her brothers had a falling out over the division of my grandmother's things. At least, that's what I've been told. One of her brothers passed away which leaves one uncle left on my mother's side of the family.

Since October or November of 2003 they've reconciled. My dead uncle had 4 children. My living uncle has 5, I think. Some of these children have children. My mother thought it would be a good idea since the kids haven't seen each other in so long to get together for a reunion.

I was told to bring rolls for nine people. (*counts off her immediate family and comes up with about five extra people*) As it turns out, there were eight of us; my parents, my husband and me, my brother and his wife, their son, and my uncle. Not many, but enough for a party, right?

We ate a late lunch and then watched some 8mm home movies my uncle brought with him. It was a riot. I could have watched some of those all day. Some relatives I didn't remember, but it was really something to see things I remember from photographs right there in front of me. What was weird was seeing my brothers at 14 and 16 then again at 16 and 18.

It was coming back from my parents' house that my husband suggested a name for my live journal. I couldn't think of anything really witty, and he thought of the name from a Paul Westerberg song he and I both like. I hope that this will give me some nuggets of things to work with in my writing.

My husband and I went to see The Village and then went home as I had unfinished work due on Monday. I think I liked it more than he did.

I'll write more tonight about my day today before I go to bed. Right now I have more work to do.
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