dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Sunday Fun

Sunday, August 29th

Today was the day of toilet problems! It's never been a great toilet. The water pressure isn't wonderful. When we had people over every few months, I was always worried that one time someone would use it, and it wouldn't flush so well, leaving a "present" for the next person.

I ended up going to bed at 7am this morning, so I was napping when it overflowed. My husband did a good job cleaning up. He even managed to pick a bath towel that (1) didn't match the 12 matched sets we have and (2) we could throw away with no problem doing so! Before we got married, his Grandmother Dorothy bought us two large bath towels - they're the kind that you could wrap around your body two times. She said that it was always nice to have extras and she's been right.

The evening was spent cleaning up the bathroom for our maintenance people. I did everything but scrub the floor. I had planned on cleaning it soon - it was on a list my husband and I made a few weeks ago, so it's no big deal that I did it tonight.

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