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Skipping Ahead

Monday - whenever
The rest of the week... my main customer at work didn't come back from vacation until September 1st. During that time, I monitored a bunch of calls, I created a spreadsheet to show who I monitored that week, updated some tip sheets for different customers, ran some reports, and managed to lose a card filing system at home. After my main customer came back, I've received multiple complaints about one of my employees, and the news was given to me that the customer might be going away. They put out a RFP (Request for Proposal) back in May for their hardware break/fix and Help Desk services (although their contract for Help Desk services with us doesn't expire until December 2005) and wanted to have a decision by July. July came and went. They were to have a decision by August 16th. August 16th came and went. They sent my counterpart in the Hardware Break/Fix division a letter stating that their services were no longer needed after October 31st.

The maintenance men came on the apartment on Monday and fixed the toilet. It flushes! Yay! And they also fixed (permanently it seems) the stopper in our sink. The last time they looked at the sink, they removed the stopper. My husband looked at it, and accidently dropped the stopper back in. hehe Now we can use the bathroom sink again.

While chatting with my husband about the toilet incident, he mentioned that he thinks it's about time we move. It's been something I've wanted to do for a while now, but due to financial constraints I didn't really think it would be a possibility until next summer. I've tried to be frugal - I'm great with coupons - but it seems like we never really get to put much money aside into the bank. My parents have offered to let us live with them rent free (we'd have to contribute to groceries, water, etc.) but they are so far out in the country. When we went there in July for a day, I walked around the garden with my dad and got a tick on me. I found another one about 15 minutes after we got home. Right now we can get away with not giving our dog tick/flea medicine because I'm allergic to it but out there we'd have to do it.

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