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Saturday Fun

On the way to the downtown library I heard a commercial for a place that is taking in old technology items (monitors, PCs, laptops, etc.) for disposal this weekend. I have a 22-inch monitor sitting at the top of my 2nd floor stairs. The web site was an easy one to remember and I've forgotten it. I feel lame.

At the library I rented some movies to watch while my husband is gone. Tonight I watched The Sweetest Thing. There were some funny moments in it. I liked the movie montage in the dressing room - I've always wanted to dress up like Olivia Newton-John as the new Sandy from Grease. That would be a sweet Halloween costume!

While out I went grocery shopping too. Between the library and the first grocery store I was switching radio stations and got to hear the end of a live version of Matthew Sweet's Thunderstorm. I love that man's music. For a long time I could boast that I'd been to nearly all of his concerts in town. When I finally get around to posting about our trip to Chicago one of his concert t-shirts is a matter of contention on the trip.

At the store I saw ~E~. Well, she saw me at the checkout line and got in after me so we could talk. :) We talked about NaNoWriMo and how the registration wasn't open until 3pm Pacific. She's about as clueless as I am about what to write about. Tonight I'm going to outline two ideas I have. I did register about 8:30pm Eastern on the site but have gotten a couple pages of can't be displayed errors. They are expecting 60,000 participants this year.

Tonight I was invited to see family friends and my in-laws but I didn't really feel like going. They're all nice people but getting up early to drop my husband off at the airport, going back to sleep, etc. kind of made my day a little weird.

I found out that Congresswoman Sue Kelly has proposed a bill regarding Inflammatory Bowel Disease, primarily in regards to crohn's and ulcerative colitis. The content of the bill can be found here. I've already written to my Congresswoman Deborah Pryce in hopes that she will sponsor the bill.

I finished reading The New Eating Right for a Bad Gut. The diet is somewhat impossible for me. It advocates red meat once a month and lots of fruits and vegetables. My low fiber diet means I can't eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. And I have to eat red meat to help with my anemia. *sigh* I can eat more fish though!
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