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Sunday Update

My husband called last night to let me know his first day went okay. I was here when he called so I'm not sure why I didn't hear the phone ring. I was either too into my 80's box set to hear the phone ring or I was out walking the dog. It's the Rhino Like, Omigod! The 80s Pop Culture Box (totally) set with six CDs. I had mentioned it to ~E~ the other day and it made me want to start listening to it again.

I woke up at a quarter of 8 this morning. I don't know why I can't really sleep in anymore.

He called while I was watching Sweet November so of course I paused the movie so we could chat. He met up with some of his friends last night (I met a few of them when he and I were last in New York) and ate sushi! He's so a non-fish guy. Tuna salad and deep fried fish is all he can really eat. I'm so proud of him!

I was one of the lucky few yesterday who got registered for NaNoWriMo 2005. Chris Baty's book recommends having a talisman for writing. He uses hats. The last few days I keep eyeing my black beret. I bought it for the big Halloween party in Maryland when I went as a beatnik chick. I was warm that year even when I wasn't near the bonfire. I've not warn it since then so maybe that's what I'll use. If I do, my husband will have to learn to keep his hands off me.

One of the NaNoWriMo servers died and they tried to move the information to the other servers but it didn't work out very well. They've temporarily suspended the registrations until they can handle the load a bit better.

It's a beautiful day outside. I'm considerig taking the dog for a little walk. He can only do about 30 minutes but that would be enough, I think.
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