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Little Catchup

Work has been boring lately. Busy with tasks that I need to get done, but still boring. I'll take it, though.

The last few days I've felt like I've been starving so I've been eating a lot more than I usually do.

Yesterday we socialized with my husband's family. I won third place in the Texas Hold'Em tournament. My mother-in-law paid my entry fee so I didn't keep my winnings.

Tonight we got to watch Art:21, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Survivor. Tons of shows to still watch.

Can't wait to watch Serenity this weekend.

I didn't work on writing at lunch because I went to McDonald's with my boss and a co-worker. I really need to stop telling my boss how he should run things. Unfortunately, I don't see him changing his style too much from when he was my peer.

It's been unseasonably warm the last few days which has been nice. I do feel the need though to wear my comfy raspberry colored fleece shirt to work tomorrow because it's autumn and I can wear jeans with tennis shoes. I hope it's not too warm for that.
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