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Thursday evening we saw some experimental films by Owen Land. The second part of the series is in another week or so. On Friday we saw Year of the Devil which has been described as the Czech This is Spinal Tap. Pretty much all of the musicians play themselves. The music was good and it was funny. It was a good way to spend the evening. Tonight we saw Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. I was a bit disappointed in it. It seemed like the humor wasn't as innocent and light-hearted as the previous shorts starring them. The highlight of the evening was Serenity. I finally got to see it! I know at some point I'll see it again. While chatting with my husband about it we came to the conclusion that it was driven by the plot a lot which meant that newcomers wouldn't get to know the quirks of the crew and passengers. Except for the person who kept shoving his feet into the back of my seat every now and then, the audience was a good one. The theater was maybe half full and they got all the jokes. We did see the movie during the OSU game which would have impacted attendance.

Today my husband and I did our errands apart. I probably could have gotten all of my stuff done while he was sleeping in this morning but I wouldn't have gotten to spend so much time surfing. I took my old laptop in to get the keyboard replaced and some other upgrades done before November 1st. *does a little happy dance* I've been wanting to do some upgrades for a while but it seems like something has always come up or it just didn't seem all that important. I should have a price quote in a few days.

I worked on my Landmark Goals for NaNoWriMo. Here is the current list which is subject to change between now and November 1st.

5000 Word Mark = Big bowl of home made popcorn.
10000 Word Mark = A little helping of Jeni's ice cream.
15000 Word Mark = Writing magazine subscription.
20000 Word Mark = Watch two bad/teen movies without guilt.
25000 Word Mark = Order NaNoWriMo t-shirt.
30000 Word Mark = 1 - 2 Hours of online Texas Hold'Em.
35000 Word Mark = Treat from Mary Kay. Could be a luxury item or a night of pampering.
40000 Word Mark = Sample snacks from Short North Piece of Cake, The French Loaf or Mozart's.
45000 Word Mark = Book or CD.
50000 Word Mark = Dinner at The Top.

The timing of the dinner will be good because it will happen just before my husband's big event at work. It's from December 1st to the 4th and we'll probably need a night to unwind afterwards.

I am wondering whether or not I should setup a portable writing space or something. I don't really have a set place to write except for in bed. After watching SNL I was going to review my current plot outlines but realized that my husband went to bed already. It's a bit rude to go in there and wake him up just so I can grab something from my side of the bed. Heh, if I get part of the dining room table clear I could use it! When he and I were in school together (same classes too!) we'd sit at the dining room table and work on our Visual Basic homework.
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