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Small Sunday Update

Today we traveled to India, by way of The River. I enjoyed the trip. For a change of pace we went back to the US and learned about A History of Violence. I was tense from the beginning to nearly the very last shot. The movie is graphic regarding injured body parts and I think some of the audience didn't expect that.

I worked on my NaNoWriMo Magna Carta I and Magna Carta II. Here they are:

Magna Carta I
I find characters more interesting than plot.
Comic absurdity in everyday life.
Show more, tell less.
Connection with characters.
Relationships (self, interpersonal, community).
Imperfect people.
Stories/movels within the story.

Magna Carta II
Purple prose that draws attention to itself.
Overly technical explanations.
Lots of footnotes.
Multiple instances of 3-4 syllable words in the same sentence.

We got caught up on nearly all of the tv shows we had recorded on the DVR. I have a Book TV waiting for me though!
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