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Friday - those are good days, right?

Something I never would have thought of....

October 13, 2005
Dog's microchip IDs dead owner

Associated Press
FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- Police were able to identify a traffic victim through a microchip implanted in her dog.
Laura Huhn, 43, of Fort Wayne, was walking the dog Tuesday night when she was struck by a car as she tried to cross a street, police said.
The woman died later at a Fort Wayne hospital.
The dog, a schnauzer, was taken to an animal hospital with a fractured pelvis, and the microchip in the dog helped police identify its owner and then locate her family, animal control director Belinda Lewis said.
Huhn's death was believed to be an accident and no charges were expected to be filed against Darrell Singleton, 24, the driver of the car that hit her and the dog, police department spokeswoman Robin Thompson said.

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As my husband suggested last night, maybe I want to pick a name out of the phone book and let them know they have a job on my team. I have to pick someone for a promotion today.

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