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Last night we saw In Her Shoes. I really enjoyed the book. I enjoyed the movie too. It upset my husband though. Afterwards we were at Penn Station getting dinner and he kept thinking I was mad at him because I wasn't really participating in the conversation about the movie. I wasn't mad at him at all. I was just trying to hold onto my positive feelings after watching the movie. Sure some of it was sappy and predictable. Sure it's a shame that the "frumpy" character isn't Muriel-sized and slims down... but when you go from sitting on your arse all day to walking miles each day that's bound to happen. There is a cute Corgi in the movie. Her owners belong to the same dog list as I do. She is four years old and named Angel. She and another Corgi owned by the same couple are featured in the November 2005 issue of Dog Fancy magazine.

On the 3rd I wrote a letter to Penn Station telling them that I was confused over the price I was charged for my sandwich. I ordered a small which the board posted as $4.19 and was charged a medium at $6.19. The board had a medium listed as $6.29. I pointed out that either I was charged incorrectly for a medium or the price boards needed to be changed. For some reason last night I was mis-remembering the prices and thought they had been posted as $4.19, $6.19 and $8.19. I thought "Well, the manager never bothered to contact me but at least he changed the price of the medium on the sign. That's something at least." Looking at the letter I wrote, I've realized nothing has changed. I hope we were charged the right price for my sandwich last night!

We're not really sure who lives next door. It might be a couple or it might be two girls. One of them has a boyfriend and yesterday they had a black puppy with brown spots on the back of it's rear legs who had been in the car too long and had a bad case of the runs. I think it's a he. The puppy is named Piper. The boyfriend knew Zilla was a Corgi. The puppy whined for a bit last night during the afternoon and sounded pitiful. Tonight when I came home, Piper was on a leash and was allowed to walk around in the back yard while the boyfriend talked on his cell phone. Piper is too much of a puppy for Zilla to really care about him. Piper is half the size of Zilla already. Maybe they'll become friends when he's a few months older. Tonight I could hear them trying to teach Piper to sit in the backyard.

Staples has a pretty good deal this week on 512MB SanDisk SD storage cards. With the special buy price it's about $25 which is around what Staples charges for a 256MB card. Yesterday I bought one only to get home and find out that I bought a 512MD Compact Flash card. I can't use that in the new camera! After work today I went back to find the right one. They were out. Someone went to the back to get it for me, took it to the register and I was rung up. I was in the car when I thought, "I should check this." He gave me a Compact Flash card! I went right back in and had yet another person go into the back and get me the right card. I still have to return the first one I bought yesterday.

I've spent the last few hours just surfing the internet. On the one hand, it seems like a bit of a waste, but on the other hand it let me decompress a bit. I signed onto Trillian for about a half hour but no one I knew was online. I've been kind of obsessive about the NaNoWriMo forums. I read a lot of them. I post a little - I'm up to about 75 posts. There is a pre-kickoff brainstorming session being held nearby tomorrow afternoon. I considered going but it's kind of noted as an old-timer's get together so I don't know how welcome or productive a newbie like me would be there. Part of me wonders, "What the heck did I get myself in for?" Part of me wonders why I'm being such an insecure girlie-girl all of a sudden. And then yet another part wonders when I'm going to get a call from The Laptop Guy on the quote to upgrade my laptop!

My friends in Maryland are asking if I think I might go to the party this year or not since they know I'm feeling better than I was last month. (They have an annual Halloween bash. They are wonderful friends and a great family. I love just hanging out with them, talking, and being me.) Because of my illness I didn't think at the time it would be a good thing. My symptoms have gotten better but I'm still learning to eat and I just changed the dosage on the current medication. I could probably go and handle it just fine but I just don't think I could handle missing out on the fun because I fall asleep at 9pm when activities are just getting started or the chance that some food doesn't agree with me. It's different if I have an accident while sleeping at home. It's entirely different to have an accident while sleeping in someone else's guest room. It wouldn't be much money to get a plane ticket but I'm still thinking about the medical bills in the back of my mind. Services have been performed and they must be paid.
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