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Sunday Morning Scribblings

Yesterday was a perfect autumn day. The sun was out and the air was not chilly at all.

At 9:30am Buckeye fans were already lining up on the freeway to get to their tailgate parties before the noon kickoff time. I went grocery shopping, returned an item to Staples, took pictures downtown, got lunch and zoomed back down the freeway at 11:30am with not a car around. Kind of nice!

We saw Everything is Illuminated. I read the book last year or the year before and it's best to go into the movie not expecting to see the book. Even after making a movie... there's no way someone can make a movie from it. Later we saw The Return of the Living Dead which was a boatload of fun. We went to the early show and only six people saw it. It inspired me to get working on my Ink Slingers October Contest entry.

I've been reading The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman. I've been mentally doing the end of chapter exercises. It made me realze how I will open my NaNoWriMo novel. I was kind of stuck on that.

Dinner was at Max and Erma's last night. I tried the Appletini. It was very yummy. I was pretty drunk on just the one I had. I didn't need anything more to drink. Within a few hours though my tummy was talking up a storm, trying to get the dog to talk to it. This morning I woke up ultra-early to use the bathroom. So it seems alcohol is likely going to be a problem for me. Maybe a glass of wine will be less potent.
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