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I didn't want to get up this morning and take the dog out for his walk. I wanted to sleep in again. He kept watching me this morning and seemed surprised to see me leave.

Yesterday I saw an unknown number come up on my display at work so I didn't answer it. I thought it was someone at our Toledo branch calling to harrass me. When I listened to the message it was my husband letting me know that he'd gotten to his destination safely.

Work was okay. The highlight of my day was a phone call from my husband. I forgot to ask him if he was using the toll free number for my work.

I had another flare-up with that employee who didn't like her review. I sent an email yesterday to her and her co-worker letting her know what the current staffing situation is for their area. Today she starting including me on all kinds of emails about issues she normally takes care of. When my friend got a nasty toned email she went over to find out what was going on with her. My employee misunderstood the line, "All staff members will report to me." to mean that everything had to go through me. All I meant was that the team would have the same boss they have now. I could have shoved them onto someone else. I could have given them over to my subordinate who is learning how to do my job. She also took the news about the newly created position of Sr. Customer Support Specialist as a demotion since she used to be a Sr. National Incident Coordinator and she was made a Customer Support Specialist when the General Manager consolidated the 20 titles (and job descriptions) we had down to 10. She was crying about it too.

I had enough. I went to Human Resources and vented for an hour and a half, mainly about her, but also a little about my boss. My HR person was dumbfounded to find out that my department has no PC equipment for the new people we need to hire to fill out this new team of associates. She was also surprised to learn that the company was planning on consolidating the work of 15 associates into this team of 4 people. She wasn't aware that they may need to do some layoffs or place these people. I guess she wasn't kidding me when she said HR is the last to know these things a lot of the time. The HR person was very empathetic and suggested I have a one-on-one conversation with the employee I'd like to strangle. I'm to put the question to her, "What can I do that is within my control to make you feel appreciated?"

I've got emails proving how I fought for her to get Employee of the Month in July from my April nomination. I've got the emails I submitted in August based on customer feedback. I'm also supposed to point out that she put me in an awkward position on Friday. She was moving into her new house and asked for the day off. I told her no, because her morning back-up had the day off already. Her counterpart comes back from lunch at 4:30pm. Before lunch she said that her husband had been calling her all day with questions on both her work phone and her cell phone. During her lunch time, she went over to check on the moving and ended up calling me, asking if she could take the rest of the day off. Since her husband wasn't giving her a lick of peace I said yes. The HR person agreed that if she wasn't going to be productive at work there was no point in making her come back.

The HR person has no idea why this employee has a crying fit at work every few months and was surprised that it's happened twice in the last two weeks alone. It was probably the best hour and a half I'd spent at work in a long time. I felt so relieved afterwards!

I forgot to get the dog more food on my way home so he's having Cheerios for breakfast tomorrow. I made Skyline for dinner and fought with the DVD player unsuccessfully. I tried to watch Legally Blonde 2 but the voices were muted. Seriously. I could hear the background music and then silence when people were talking. Then I fiddled with some settings and got not only the background music but the sound effects. I still couldn't hear anyone talking. I ate so much that I upset my tummy. Or rather, I put so much hot sauce on that I upset my tummy.

Tomorrow I am going to my birthday lunch with my boss and two other ladies in my department. We're the only female management there. My birthday was in June and he didn't take me out, so I'm hitching a birthday lunch with them. We're going to Applebee's. One of the women was recently diagnosed with Celiac Sprue so she can't eat gluten products. She thinks she can eat things from there.

I didn't get to complete the WoW stress test beta download (even after 7 hours) so I went to fileplanet and got it in an hour and a half. 2.2Gigs is a lot to download. After I installed the software, the dog started giving his warning growl. I realized he was looking at the speakers. He must not have liked the WoW music.

I played EQ for an hour, role-playing with my guild. There weren't many on though, and I know that disappointed a few. The absence has been caused by the EQ2 Beta, the WoW Beta, and the crazy summer schedules. Also, at the beginning of the summer, one of our more visible members decided to start his own guild. His departure took a handful of alternates that could have been in our guild. I went LD, and dropped my soda on the floor. After cleaning it up, I figured out I moved the bed tray and the cable connection was moved. (I am usually stretched out on a love seat with a bed tray holding the keyboard, mouse, mousepad and wristrest when I am on the computer.) So it's my fault I went LD. The dog started his barking then too. He's always on alert when one of us is missing.

I created a character in WoW, played for a half hour, and then went downstairs to do some work for work. (I have to get a monthly report to UPS tomorrow.) I found out that the Survivor behind the scenes show I taped didn't tape. Well, not more than 2 seconds of it. I'm taping it again... now! I haven't watched Big Brother so I am hoping that no one at work tells me what happened. I am waiting until Tuesday to watch it. It's fun to watch things with my husband - he's so dead on when it comes to strategy. Tonight's episode should be good since it was an eviction night. Does Diane double-cross Karen? Or does she keep her word to her boyfriend and his buddy? I think that unless she does something stupid that she'll be the next winner. She's certainly been trying to keep ahead of everyone.

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