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Roller Coaster

For some reason, today has been a roller coaster of a day.

I woke up early (which is kind of becoming normal now), took my pills, had breakfast, had a snack, etc. I was looking at the 2006 Novel and Short Story Writer's Market and getting excited and feeling creative and having all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings. When my husband came downstairs I even told him that I knew he felt bad that I didn't get to go to Maryland this year for the annual party with my friends but he shouldn't because the last few hours I'd been feeling rather content with my lot in life.

I puttered around a bit and took the dog for a walk. I found a little slip of paper tucked into the window of my husband's driver's side door with a phone number and a request to call Jessica. I looked at the car but didn't see anything obviously wrong with it. One of the dangers of parking out on the street is that sometimes people will hit our cars and leave without a note or anything. (Hence why the car I'm driving right now has a smashed up front end. Even after getting a majority of the damage fixed, the front end is still somewhat out of alignment.) I brought him the note and a little bit later he went out to look and gave her a call. Turns out she hit the car head on last night (just hearing it makes me think she's got to be one of the worst drivers ever, was drunk, or really lost control of her car), scraped up the front and cracked a light. The light still works. My husband told her not to worry about it. He's a nice guy like that.

Later I noticed he's in a weird mood and he shows me that even though I got paid on Friday that we're overdrawn. Apparently there were bank charges waiting to hit the account that didn't make it. GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

I just took it in and laid low for a bit but it upset me. It seems like just when things are getting back to where they should be something happens.

Sometimes when I feel out of control about things I clean. I read most of the newspapers from this week and threw them out. I've done a load of dishes and a load of laundry already today. I did a run through of the toilet but will give it a good scrubbing later too.

At one point I did snap at my husband and start to cry, and just let myself be sad for a little bit. I redid my grocery list for the week, deleted some emails and made some room on my palm pilot so I can start adding items from my calendar on to it again.

The good news is that the emergency credit card does have about $40 available on it. I also have enough frozen dinners available that I don't have to eat out this week. (The managers will just have to live without my presence at lunch time this week.) When I went grocery shopping I did buy enough stuff to make dinners so meals are covered. And toilet paper. We're down to one roll. :)

I got a little sad again when I went to check on how the person my husband knows from New Orleans is doing. It turns out that his dogs didn't survive Hurricane Katrina after all. He works for a vet and had taken the dogs there. The LA SPCA originally said two dogs died and later said there were four dogs that died. One person has quit the SPCA because the dogs were left behind and not evacuated with the others. I feel so heartbroken for him. They are starting over in Austin but it's not going to be easy.
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