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Monday, monday...

Today I avoided work as much as possible. I even managed to distract other managers (and my boss) from work as well. Recently I updated an Excel spreadsheet of restaurants in the area. You know how there is nearly always one person who doesn't like a place or a certain type of food? Well, today I updated the spreadsheet with the names of people who won't want to eat at the place. One of the managers requested I had a little $ rating system so we'd know what the meal prices are as some days McDonald's is easier on the wallet than a chain steak place. So now I've got another reason to procrastinate. Everyone was still raving about my choice of the Winking Lizard on Friday. Yes-s-s-s!

I went to bed last night and couldn't sleep from having to cough every few minutes. I told my husband I'd take Dayquil and he talked me into taking the Nyquil instead. I overslept big time and didn't get to work until 9:15am. I was really tired on the way to work and drove a little slower than I usually do because I didn't want to get into an accident and because traffic was heavier than I thought it would be for that time of day. (Gosh that was a long sentence.) I probably didn't really wake up until 11am or so.

Right before the end of the day, one of our employees let me know that she needed some assistance. She was diagnosed with tachyarrhythmia in 1999 and from time to time has episodes where her heart beats too fast. I couldn't convince her to let me call her a squad but I did talk her into not driving to the hospital in case she runs off the road. I took her myself. She said that when this happens she usually ends up in ICU for a week at a time. Hopefully she's doing okay.

The funny highlight of my evening was brought to me by Pringles.

We were going to see Separate Lies tonight but will go later this week instead. I know some people would think that we spend an outrageous amount of money on movies each year. As of yesterday, my husband has seen 309 films and 269 shorts during 2005. We honestly don't spend that much though. I am sure we could write off (a portion of) the membership fees to Greencine and Nicheflix and the tickets to film festivals (he usually gets industry passes but will still pay out of pocket to see stuff) but we see nearly all of our movies in the theaters free. Either he has a pass that gets us in free, or we've been given gift certificates. His movies list combines things seen in the theater, at home, at festivals so my list isn't that long. In fact, I don't keep one.

The last day or so I've been grooving on Creativity Rules! by John Vorhaus. It's been giving me some NaNoWriMo ideas.
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