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NaNoWriMo Columbus Kick-Off Party Report

I show up a half hour late to the kick-off party. I see people inside the cafe and it looks pretty crowded. One person is standing up and everyone is watching that person speak. I walk up to the patio gate (it came up to my hips) and turn the handle. It doesn't swing forward or backward. It's locked. How the heck did everyone get in?

I walked around the building and when I got back to the front of the cafe is when I saw the glass doors. Doh! I went in and joined the others. Everyone had name tags with their NaNoWriMo user ID and their real name. We each picked a random question from a bag and when we did our introduction we talked about ourselves, our novel, etc. and answered the question. I wish I had gotten there earlier so I could have learned more names!

After that we did a little hunt game. Each person was given a list of items and had to find one person for each item. A person's name could only be used twice. The person with the most names won a prize. I can't remember what it was. Some of the items included:
Wearing blue shoes.
Listens to heavy metal while writing.
Has never dyed his/her hair.
Works with computers.
Loves cats and/or dogs.

It was a good mingling exercise and gave people the opportunity to walk around a little bit. After that we broke up into groups of three and wrote a short story. We picked from writing flash cards three characters, a setting, a problem and a resolution. The story my group came up with was about Moonbeam, the long-haired hippy, her boyfriend Gary (the snake with a great personality) and Glarb, the alien disguised as a human. In the dangerous objects factory, an interdimensional portal was closing and they never saw each other again... It was a pretty funny story. It looked like the winning team got NaNoWriMo aluminum travel mugs. We all got NaNoWriMo Survival kits complete with memo pad, pen, oatmeal cream pie, pudding, cheddar cheese crackers and candy! An overall good mixture of things, I think. It was a nice surprise.

I kind of knew everyone would be fun and friendly but I was still surprised by how friendly everyone was. People were of varying ages and there were mostly women, but the men were wel represented too. I am really glad I went to this instead of the Steve Buscemi event. (Which my husband didn't go to either.)

Today I did another 5-minute freewrite on the word call.

"Call me! Cover me with kisses, baby. Cover me with love. Roll me in designer sheets. I'll never get enough."

Samantha wiggled her bottom to the music. She loves to listen to Blondie when she cleans her room. She can't believe it's Friday night and she's at home while everyone else is at the football game. She has to be the only sophomore in high school whose parents still believe in grounding. She didn't even do anything horrible. She just got a C on her English midterm.

She picks up the clothes on her rocking chair and smells each one before divvying them up into sorta clean clothes and dirty clothes. The sorta clean clothes go back on hangers and into her closet. The dirty clothes get dropped on the floor by the door.

I decided to be a scarecrow for the Halloween work party this Friday. I couldn't find orange makeup for my face. I'm bringing chocolate eclair cake for the potluck dessert party. I messed up and didn't thaw one of the cool whip tubs so that's one reason why I am up so late tonight.

Watched some tv on Tuesday and today.
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