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I'm glad it's Friday

I think Now and Laters don't agree with my Crohn's. I had three of them while watching Survivor and spent some quality time in the bathroom later. (Checks off Now and Laters as no-nos.)

The winners of the Whiting Writers Awards were announced today. New and emerging writers (usually only one published book to their name) qualify for the award. Nice!

A National Book Award finalist and a winner of the PEN/Malamud Award for short fiction were among 10 winners this year of the Whiting Writers Awards, given to "writers of exceptional talent and promise."

The awards, each worth $40,000, were to be presented Thursday night.

Whiting winner Nell Freudenberger won the PEN/Malamud prize in 2003 for her collection, "Lucky Girls." Fellow honoree Sarah Shun-lien Bynum was nominated last year for the National Book Award for her debut novel, "Madeleine Is Sleeping."

Others receiving the Whiting prize this year were poets Thomas Sayers Ellis, Ilya Kaminsky, Tracy K. Smith, Spencer Reece and Dana Levin, playwright Rinne Groff, fiction writer Seth Kantner and fiction writer/poet John Keene.

Past recipients include such Pulitzer Prize winners as playwright Tony Kushner, novelist Jeffrey Eugenides and poet Jorie Graham.

The Whiting awards were established in 1985 by the Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation, a New York-based organization "dedicated to the support of the humanities and of creative writing."

I may see some movie tonight but I can't decide which one yet.
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