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Today has been another goofing off day at work. None of us wanted to work. We went to Taco Bell at lunch. I had three hard tacos with no lettuce and an order of Pizza Hut breadsticks (hold the marinara sauce). I don’t think I can eat their hard tacos. Or at least not three of them without feeling funny. I could feel my digestive system working on the food which doesn’t happen too often these days.

Last night was a little strange because I kept waking up at odd hours of the night. I don’t know if it’s because my husband had all the blankets or if it was a weird reaction to the prednisone (on top of the Now and Later reaction). When I first started taking it I would be wide awake when it was time to go to bed and then wake up at various points throughout the night and I was starving all the time. The starving feeling is going away slowly as I take a lower dosage.

Starting tomorrow I cut down some more on the dosage.
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