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Saturday Morning

After work I took a nap, woke up after my haircut appointment and sprinted over to the beauty shop before my stylist gave up on me. I was only about 10 minutes late. Now with super short hair, we had dinner then went to the cheapo theater with extra nice seats and saw The Brothers Grimm. I was expecting it to be horrible. It wasn't. The best part for me had to be Peter Stormare. I love that man. I am happy I get to see him each week in Prison Break.

A week or so ago I found out the NaNoWriMo group in my region had created a LJ community to keep in touch. I was kind of excited about it. Then I found out that it's a friends only community maintained by someone who moved away to another part of the state. Unless you send an email to the maintainer, you can't join it. I made mention of it to one of the municipal liaisons and some information was communicated to the maintainer about events and they've been updated to the community. But wouldn't it make sense for the maintainer of the community to add the municipal liaisons with LJs as moderators or co-maintainers? Maybe that just seems obvious to me since I've helped administrate/moderate forums. Without some help they aren't going to thrive and have active discussions. I've been trying not to think about it because it steams me. Since I don't do a whole lot of LJ cuts I'd probably kill the community's friends list anyway.

That's one of the dangers of using LochJournal for your entries... the entries don't look nearly as long as they seem when you look at them from Friends pages. hehe

I'm about halfway through Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass. There was an interview with him I found in one of past issues of The Writer and then someone mentioned him on the NaNoWriMo boards so I figured I'd take a look at it. It's pretty straight forward. Make a statement, give an example, and explain why the example supports the statement. Like I said, straight forward.
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