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Saturday's Happenings

The Petco by us remodeled so we took the dog over. We didn't have much time so didn't do the pet photos or anything like that. We did get a free treat thing with our purchase and everyone made happy noises over the cute Corgi. What other kind of reaction is there?

We went to the Part Objects Part Sculpture members opening at the Wexner Center. We went through the entire exhibit but I believe we'll go through it again sometime. My favorite part was Josiah McElheny's An Historical Anecdote About Fashion, in which the glass objects resemble Christian Dior dresses. I told my husband later that I cried while looking at them and he asked why. The only explanation I could give is that when I look at them I feel the way a woman in a designer dress should feel.

We caught the last few minutes of Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan talking about their Pulitzer Prize winning book. They seemed nice. I wonder if the attention has made them any different than they were before the prize. We went to the Sam Green interview. He discussed his 10-minute documentary that is so new it's not even listed in IMDB yet! It's called lot 63, grave c. It's where Meredith Hunter, the 18-year-old killed at the Rolling Stones concert at the Altamont Speedway, is buried. The documentary is nearly finished and it was shown. Sam was very charming. If I were a wealthy benefactor he would have gotten money from me for the Wexner Center's Art and Technology department. After the interview/discussion we went on a tour of the Art and Technology department. We got to see the Avid equipment and the sound editing rooms. Sweet!

Movies we saw include Good Night, and Good Luck. I was surprised to see Robert Knepper (T-Bag from Prison Break and former Ohio resident) in it as he's so intertwined with his Prison Break character in my mind that I wouldn't expect to see him anywhere else. We also saw Reel Paradise which chronicles the last month or so of John Pierson's year-long stint in Fiji showing free movies. A lot happens in that month. It's just unbelievable.

While running errands in the morning I had sentences from my NaNoWriMo novel floating around in my head begging to be written down. I let them go though, because one of the rules is that nothing can be written down before November 1st.
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