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NaNoWriMo Day One

Day one was a success!

At work I was good and didn't do any writing. In fact, I did work! My friend, ~E~, told some of the people at work that we are doing this and they were impressed. She bragged about how organized I am to them since I have my Magna Cartas, my rewards system and my synopsis all done. She has a genre. ~J~ at work has a genre and she's decided her novel will be about some minor characters that she has in mind for another novel.

A write-in was scheduled at Panera Crosswoods from the afternoon until 8:30pm. For some reason I thought they had a community room there so I was surprised when the hallway led to just the restrooms. I got a plain bagel and sat down at a table near an outlet. Right before 6pm I saw ~J~, one of the municipal liaisons, and we talked about how many people had shown up earlier in the day and how her novel was going. Her daily word goal is 2500 and she wouldn't let herself leave until she reached that goal. ~E~ from work showed up. She showed me her Magna Cartas and we brainstormed ideas for her rewards. We talked about names and some things that could happen in her novel. She brought a book called Descriptonary which I'll put on my gift list this year. She started keeping a writing journal and it's got some funny things in it. I had my laptop open but the most I could get was the tab key.

I kept obsessing about what my first sentence might be. I kept wondering what would be a good hook to make the reader interested and keep going. I kept telling myself the important thing was to just get it down on paper. In December or later I can go back and change anything I want. Those are the rules. I told ~E~ about my internal editor popping up and she made me an internal editor button. It's even got a little bounce to it so when I press it, it goes down flat. I hit it a couple times and it worked! At the end of the night I took it with me. I guess that's going to be my writing totem for the month. What was nice is that I'd write for a little bit, we'd talk, and then I'd go back to writing. It's not like we had the need to sit there and talk just because we could. Just before 8pm I was starting to get hungry. My main character was eating a bowl of chili and I didn't know how much longer I could go on writing about it before I was going to die from hunger! We left at 8pm and I had 1,022 words down.

I made dinner at home and while waiting for the chicken to bake I wrote another 200 words. My husband and I watched some tv and then I wrote some more. I have a total of 2,355 words for my first day. Not bad! Not bad at all!
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