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Today must be my day to be a big dope.

I called into work late so I could pack a nice lunch. I got to work and couldn't find it. I left it at home. My boss got my voice mail message and I added the information that I forgot my lunch even after all that. He was laughing so hard he was snorting. It made his day. :)

Then while at my husband's work I'm writing on my laptop and the laptop says it's 6:35pm. My pager says it's 6:20pm. I finish stuff up early so I'm not late for the 7pm movie because I have no idea what the real time is. While the movie is going on I look at my pager and think, "Man. It's 9:30pm and it's still not over with. I had no idea they were going to show a three hour movie."

I realized when I got to the car later that I never reset the time on my pager. It was still an hour ahead so I totally misread it all night.

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