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*Rubs Her Eyes*

Yesterday I went to work and it wasn't the worst day nor was it the best day. My problem employee and I butted heads a little bit. It dawned on her that we've been saying for months that she and the others will be taking ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Calls and she thinks that is being a receptionist and takes exception to that for some reason. I didn't know about the receptionist part until my boss asked me to come into his office. My thought on that was... if you think it's receptionist work, then why should we have the technical people who have more knowledge and get paid more take those calls? Why should our non-paying customers use our most expensive resources? And doesn't she complain that they never get all of the right information? She had spoken with his boss about it and I found out that he had also seen her review during one of their other conversations. She has his ear and has had it for a number of years. They have a good relationship and I will probably be forced to give her this new Senior position.

At the end of the day I asked if she and I could talk. We talked (mainly her) from 4:40pm until 5:55pm. She said it isn't that she feels underappreciated. She just wants to do her best for this new business venture and she doesn't think that anyone is listening to her. I had pointed out earlier in the day that she says she's too overworked as it is, how can she attend meetings? I also pointed out that if we have her involved in a lot of of the conversations/behind the scenes stuff and more than one person interviews for the job, any of those individuals could run to Human Resources and say "Those people never gave me a chance." She never thought of the second reason and shut up about being involved after that.

On the way home I got the dog his food and he was happy. I had to drop off a report at a UPS Drop Box by 6:30pm but I didn't make it. I have to do it this morning as well as go to the library to drop off a few things. I considered dropping my husband's car off at one of the local places to change his oil but maybe I will do that tomorrow.

I played WoW too much. Time got away from me, and then I logged onto EQ and the guild was quiet. There were only three of us around. I'm going to stop by today to scout out some things for future events. I need to buy my airplane tickets for a Halloween party I go to each year. Well, for the last two years anyway. I'm just stumped for a costume.

After a little bit I logged out and back into WoW. I ended up playing until 4:15am. Boy does time fly.

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