dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Novel Update

I’ve not worked on the Novel yet today. That’s for this evening!

I know I have a problem with tenses. I’ll switch from past tense to present tense and then back again. I’ve done it a few times and caught myself before too many words got by. However, that being said, I am still leaving everything the way that it is for now. I am not going back and fixing these inconsistencies.

All of you have been waited with bated breath to read the horrible first paragraph. Here it is:

The 1980 mulberry colored Chevy Malibu station wagon made a left hand turn onto Morning Street. Jason parked the car and sat there for a few minutes. Just a few hours ago he was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now he was in Columbus, Ohio. A year ago he would have never believed that he would have the guts to move out. Six months ago he wouldn’t have believed it either. He was scared.
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