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I have this weird combo of "freaked out" and "mad" going on right now.

Last night my husband said he heard a scratching/scritching sound like a mouse or something. He stopped the tv and looked around trying to figure out what it was. Looking behind the recliner it looked like it might be one of those plastic sleeves the weekly newspapers come in rising from the heat register and rubbing against a piece of paper... but it didn't look like the plastic sleeve was moving. Tonight I heard it while watching Bones. I got a flashlight and stood on the couch, looking at the area behind the recliner to figure out what it might be. I was too chicken to actually move anything of course. It sounded just like my husband described and I didn't see that plastic sleeve move one bit.

I have a thing about cockroachs and cockroach-like bugs. I don't like them. They're silent, they're flexible and they move quickly. As soon as I see one in our basement (our basement has a shower, a sink and a huge drainpipe where things don't always stay down) the can of raid comes out. If it's a mouse I would probably be okay with it though still a little freaked out because it's not supposed to be in our apartment. A rat might freak me out because of the size. (My best friend had one in high school but I didn't interact with it much.) About a week or so before we moved out of our last apartment my husband told me he was thinking about getting a mouse. He confessed a while later that he really wasn't interested in one. He had seen some droppings around the entertainment center in the basement and was trying to prepare me in case we had some and I saw them.

So the noise stops and I finish watching the show. I wash some dishes and take the dog for an evening walk. I'm a responsible pet owner who cleans up after her dog does what he needs to do. I go to our dumpster to throw it away and there is broken glass all over the pavement in front of it. I got so mad! There is hardly anywhere for my dog to stand while I hold his leash that doesn't have broken glass. I don't want him to cut his paw because of some stupid yahoo. So, you know the mattress and box spring are still there by the dumpster. Right before or right around the time that they appeared someone threw stuff away but didn't get it into the dumpster. There was an open pouch of salmon and some nasty looking piece of chicken breast with other garbage just sitting there. Flies were hanging around the chicken and it smelled bad. My husband saw some cat hanging out by the stuff one night. Another night he came home down the alleyway and saw a huge opossum that repeatedly hissed at him. He edged around it and then a car came up behind him and the opossum ran off. The combination of the trash, the mattress/box spring and the glass just made me so mad. I know that we've lived here the longest. I also know that we're some of the more responsible/older people that live here. (I think there are two other couples in their 30s.) But come on... clean up after yourself folks! I am not your mother. Tomorrow or Saturday I'll brush up the glass and throw it away.

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