Vacation Update

Let's see... current vacation has included uneventful flights, beach, small sunburn, children's books, ice cream, monster high, little house on the prairie, piano, tourist stuff, and a 4.9 earthquake. More details to follow.


I was playing with the idea of sneaking a birthday party at my house. My mom offered to throw me one but I said no. I mentioned it to some friends who mentioned it to other friends who said, "We want to celebrate Amber's birthday but she's not paying for it."

So now I'm having a party. Haven't had one since the surprise 21st thrown by my friends in college. I'm turning 44. I guess it's time, right?

Little Things

I've been taking care of the "little things" around the house.
1. Got the grill working again. Kinda.I know it works. Ordered a new igniter for it. My dad is going to help me with it.
2. Lawn mower battery has been changed. Able to actually mow the lawn and charge up the mower afterwards.
3. Got some "dream drawers" for the bedroom dresser which has helped organize my underwear.
4. Slowly clearing out the things that have accumulated in the extra bedroom.

Figuring Things Out

1. Figured out my sun jar wasn't working because it has a rechargeable battery inside which hasn't been used in several years.
2. PS3 works great upstairs. Still has hum and no audio/video on downstairs tv. Can't figure out how to setup tv channel to recognize Chromecast.
3. Gonna need to buy DVD player to play them on downstairs tv. Picked two possible contenders.

It Came Out

The gallbladder is gone along with the 5 stones that were inside it.

My parents have been here with me to help with the dog, meals, etc. I consider myself lucky my parents are in their 70s and still able to get around enough to help.

My husband was with me while all the tests were being run and the decision was being made whether or not to take it out. Since then he's been MIA due to work and living his life. If we were still together it would've been a more difficult recovery with just the two of us. I probably would've had to hire the pet sitter to help during the day.

Sammy's limping on his bad leg. Not sure if it's exaggerated due to the bad weather or if my dad has been walking him too long in the cold. His next neurologist appointment is next week. I hope the tumor isn't growing again.

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.

We had about 2 inches IOC snow. It was drifting so the government called a Level 1 which translates as drive with caution.

Had 2 friends (and a 2-year-old) over for a potluck dinner. We had artichoke dip, manga salsa, chips, tomato salsa with cream cheese & balsamic vinegar, black beans, chicken enchiladas, and chocolate cake. We went through 2 bottles of wine & gave each other chocolates.

Woo hoo!

I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but there was an LJ mobile app update and today I was asked to login again.

I can read entries again!